Sunday, June 30, 2013

I see a tree.  I can point to it.  You can also see it.  But you cannot see my seeing.  Nor can anything be pointed at outside of our seeing.

God can manifest in the world.  There is an experience I would like to call the experience of the presence of God.  Maybe you have had this experience?  May be not?

What does it mean to say that something exists?  Sometimes mathematicians say that they can prove that a solution exists to some mathematical problem.  If the philosopher says that they can prove the existence of God/ is this supposed to be the solution to the problem of life?  Could life be solved with a logical demonstration?

When scientists prove something exists/ they typically conduct experiments and try to measure some phenomenon.  Is there an experiment we could conduct that would prove the existence of God?

When religious people say that God exists/ can there be any doubt for them?  If there could be a doubt/ in what form could this doubt take?  Scientific?  Mathematical?  Isn't it true by definition?  God is that being that exists by definition?

How could something exist by definition?  Until 1960/ the standard meter existed in Paris.

Why do we regard the voice of our conscience as having authority?  From whence is this authority derived?  Empirical investigation?  Mathematical investigation?  You do have a conscience don't you. . .